joelangley   •   August 10, 2015   •   3 Comments

We decided to finally get a website done and published to showcase MailDroid which has been around for so long.


  1. Andrew Lovetskiy   •   August 19, 2015   •   

    Good decision and great work! Good luck!

  2. dave@reedwards.com   •   October 15, 2015   •   

    do you make a version for an iphone? just lost my droid and made a mistake and bought the iphone 6. I am using an imap server so I can sync all my devices and you app gives you the choice when I delete to delete from phone only or phone and server. I need that option.

    love you app, hopefully you have a version for apple


  3. pcdocjon   •   June 13, 2016   •   

    Using Maildroid forever. Well done. (Please fix my email sent receipt problem.)
    Maildroid rules…good job. Support it and get Maildroid Pro.

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