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    first of all thanks for this great piece of software!

    I want to file a bug or maybe I have some wrong understanding but here
    we go:

    (not sure if these are the correct english ones because I use german
    translations but you should know where to go

    First of all I have a gmail account and another one. The gmail account
    is setup and running fine.
    Gmail is also configured to accept my from address when sending emails –
    but this stage is never reached but let’s start from the beginning.

    The setup:
    I set up a new identity (Settings -> Advanced -> Identities)
    and copied the auth from the gmail account (doesn’t matter if I choose
    another one)

    Now the bug:
    I go to Settings -> Compose and select the new created identity (so NOT
    the gmail cone) in “Default Compose Account” and I believed that this
    means: When I would now create a new Email it should set the here
    selected identity as from address. But it doesn’t.
    This is a bug since the begin of using maildroid (about 1 year ago) but
    I never had the time to write that down.
    Of course you can then select the identity in the from address and
    choose the correct one but sometimes you WILL forget to do so. That’s
    why the default compose identity setting exists (well if I’m not wrong).

    The problem is that this is very annoying and sometimes really bad for
    my business when the recipient see a gmail address instead of the
    trusted company ones..

    I’ve seen this behavior on all my devices:

    Android 4.2, LG F3Q
    Android 4.0, Samsung i927
    Android 6.0.1, Samsung S7

    I really hope that this bug gets solved soon and / or there is maybe a
    trick or simply a misunderstanding of how this should work.

    Hope to here from you

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    I installed the free version to try it out and identities is one of the first things I tried. Unfortunately this bug is still in the app and it apparently has been there for quite a while. It would seem to be a straightforward fix so I guess it’s pretty low priority. It’s the only problem I’ve found so far so I’m disappointed it’s still there. So I cast my vote for a fix as soon as possible.


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    Unfortunately I do not believe the developer will fix that. The main reason is that for him it works as it should!

    It seems there are not a lot people working with more then 1 identity and even less are reporting this issue so I think this will not get any awareness. Especially when the developer believes that this is not a bug but a feature?!

    From another point of view one can say that we have another expectation on how identities should work but as long as not more people reporting back he may never change his mind.. too bad because the mailclient is a very good one besides of this.

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    I just switched from K9 email to the paid version of MailDroid, and reported the same bug via email. Got the automated email response to look at the forum.

    I think it is a bug, and encourage others who think so to chime in. Whatever identity I select to be the default should appear as the identity for a new mail.

    This is otherwise an excellent email client.

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    There is a bug in this area which I have reported but had no response to. I have 5 email identities and have managed to train myself to remember to send from the correct account, which is correctly handled and appears as the ReplyTo address, but the problem is that Maildroid Pro attaches a second ReplyTo address which is one of my other accounts that I do not want broadcast. You cannot see this on the sending screen and have to remember to select Add Reply To to see it, where it can be removed. This is my main annoyance with Maildroid as I get two replies to all emails where I forget to modify the Reply To addresses. Please buddy it can’t be too difficult to sort.

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    Still no response to my post of May 12

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