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    There should be emails on my tablet that I can not find. The only emails that I can find are in the sent folder. It seems (to me) there should be a pile of others.. junk.. spam and emails received but not deleted. I vaguely recall seeing someplace where there is a setting to show or not show read emails.. But if there was such a setting I can no longer find it.
    1. Should a deleted email still be on my “device” even though I opted to delete from device? If not.. what is the point of a deleted files folder?
    2. Should a read email still be available to view the next day.. Seems that big drop down that shows “show previous emails” does not work for me.

    Any thoughts / advice?

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    Seems that this forum is not much help in resolving issues or seeking advice. Starting to think it was a mistake to purchase this app.

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