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    In order to keep emails concerning specific subjects together, it would be advantageous to be able to move emails from the sent folder to other folders.

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    Melbourne, Victoria AUSTRALIA

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    I agree. Pretty remarkable that when reading an email in other folders (e.g. Inbox, a user-defined folder, etc.) the MENU popup includes “move”. But for some reason the “Sent from device” folder MENU popup does not include “move”… which aside from delete, would seem to be THE #1 other most reasonable thing you’d want to do with the message, to move it to another folder (where it might be properly threaded in an ongoing email conversation).

    This is actually very strange, and must be a “new bug” in my opinion. I could swear that MOVE was available for mail in the Sent folder, specifically so that you could put it back where it really belongs, threaded onto the ongoing conversation or simply starting a new thread… in whatever folder it belongs in. I am sure this used to exist.

    Of course I have been requesting that there really should just be an automatic Settings-controlled ability to just deposit an outgoing “reply” into the very same folder that the original message is in, which you’re now replying to, eliminating the SENT stage completely. That way the threading of your outbound email onto the ongoing email conversation would be automatic. It would never go into SENT. It would just get placed right in the current folder, threaded correctly where it belongs under the email to which you’re replying… exactly where you would want it to be, so that you can review the ongoing conversational back-and-forth emails between you and all other participants.

    This “file reply in same folder” option has been requested by others as well. I think the MD author has simply stopped listening to this forum, and to all user requests for features and enhancements, and to bug reports which remain un-fixed seemingly forever. Precious development effort seems to go into things that just don’t affect us all, instead of working on correcting product usability defects, GUI corrections and improvements, etc.. Instead we see new released come out with the release notes describing “changing the program icon”.

    I’d really like to see the numerous already forum-reported navigation drawer (both “old” and “new”) design defects and outright bugs corrected once and for all. And I’d like outgoing replies to be filed in the same folder as the email to which you’re replying lives, bypassing the need to force the user to manually then move it from SENT to where it really belongs… assuming that your newly reported bug report didn’t exist, and that MOVE was actually on the context MENU popup again!!!

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    Please place this HIGH on the priority list for an extremely useful suggestion for product improvement.

    Actually, there is currently a BUG in the program [at least when “conversational threading” is the Settings mode], which actually falsely increments the message count by 1 in a folder for an email to which you’ve just replied, as if there were now two messages threaded properly in this folder (i.e. original, and the reply). But in fact the reply got placed in SENT, and the original folder only has the one original email to which you’ve replied. The message count of (2) is incorrect, as there is still only one message there… i.e. the original email to which I’ve just replied. Not (2) which is wrongly shown.

    Actually only one message here

    Yes, ideally the reply SHOULD be automatically threaded conversationally right under the email to which you’re replying… in the very same user-folder. It shouldn’t have to go into SENT which then requires the user to manually MOVE it from SENT back to the desired user-folder. It should just automatically happen that way, at the very least if I set things that way if there actually were such a Setting to control this behavior.

    But instead… (a) no Setting to control this behavior, (b) replies always go into SENT, (c) context MENU for SENT folder no longer has MOVE on it so that it is no longer possible to even manually move it to a user-folder if I wanted to, and (d) message count for the thread in user-folder wrongly has been incremented by +1 as if the reply actually had been placed there and threaded properly as desired although we all know it hasn’t.

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    Is this forum ever looked at?

    Would it possible to get a reply to my request to see if it will ever be considered?

    I entered this request more than 1 year ago.

    Thank you

    Melbourne, Victoria AUSTRALIA

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